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HedgeCo Websites partners with organizations that share our commitment to providing world-class software and design services to the alternative investment sector. Partners include a wide range of professional services and consultancy firms and technology companies, all of whom enjoy incremental benefit by expanding their range of services to include the HedgeCo Website platform. The platform is also available in white-label format.

HedgeCo.Net is the leading online community for qualified investors, hedge funds and service providers. For investors, HedgeCo.Net offers the premier free hedge fund database and powerful tools to search, rank and analyze potential investments. HedgeCo.Net members enjoy access to daily news, manager columns, and a comprehensive directory of service providers.

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The HedgeCo Calculator is the most cost-effective solution for hedge funds to compute quantitative statistics, net numbers, and accurately produce marketing materials for their clients. At a much lower price than comparable systems, The HedgeCo Calculator is the perfect choice for hedge funds, funds of hedge funds and family offices.

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G & S Fund Services is a leader in hedge fund administration, accounting and tax services, catering to firms of all sizes, both onshore and offshore. G & S provides professional fund servicing, designed to fit the specific and growing needs of the hedge fund industry. All work is performed by G & S staff in our U.S. office locations.

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The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1882 when it broke away from the long established Exchange Committee. The Chamber’s remit was “for the promotion of measures calculated to benefit and protect the trading interests of its members and the general trade of Gibraltar”.  HedgeCo Websites partners with the Chamber to provide services to funds with business interests in Gilbralter.  

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