About HedgeCo Websites Security

Our clients manage billions of dollars across the entire financial services sector.  There is no room for data integrity problems in their world, so they rely on us to provide the most secure hosting solution possible.  That is why the HedgeCo Websites platform is compliant with the Security Standards for the financial services industry.

We utilize industry standard firewall and intrusion detection & monitoring practices to ensure high availability and data integrity.  Our upstream providers are state-of-the-art datacenters with no single point of failure for general internet connectivity for our client websites.  

Server security procedures include:

  • Prevention of unencrypted FTP login
  • No 'root' SSH login
  • Brute-force SSH attack timeout policy
  • Continual monitoring of critical software security updates (Apache, PHP, MySQL), with patches being applied within 24 hours of receipt of notice.
  • Continual monitoring of system and application error logs, in order to detect anomalies and possible intrusion attempts.
  • HedgeCo Website Disaster Recovery Procedures

Back-Up Procedures

The HedgeCo Websites platform utilizes daily database replication, as well as continual mirroring of server files to a secondary location. In the event of failure at the primary location, the secondary server can take over within minutes of detection to provide seamless access to the HedgeCo client websites and applications, while recovery procedures are initiated on the primary server. In addition to mirroring of database and website content, optional backups of individual client accounts are conducted on a daily basis, and copies of backed up data are stored for a rolling seven day schedule.

Why HedgeCo Websites' Hosting

  • Stable up-to-date software
  • Enterpise level security and redundancy
  • Fast and effective technical support
  • Nearly 10 years of experience providing hosting to the financial services sector