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Project Specification

Our Development Process

Our step-by-step process is holistic and driven by your goals for success!

Your Project Specification

We gain an in depth understanding of you and your goals, then we map out a custom plan to deliver a superior HedgeCo Website destination for you and your Investors.

Our Partnership

Once you have confirmed your project specifications, and you have decided to move forward with your investment in the new HedgeCo Website, we commit to a contract with a 50% down payment. At this critical point we need your point-of-contact, the Decision Maker (DM), who will make design decisions on your behalf and work with our team of professionals to ensure the best outcome. We will also designate one of our professionals as your DM’s Guide through the process.

Design Phase

Our Creative Director will work with your DM during the Logo and Website design phase. Before moving to the implementation phase your DM will sign-off on the project and authorize us to move forward. This phase typically takes one to three weeks.

Development Phase

Our Development Director and programmers work with you to implement the design and move it onto our website platform. This phase typically takes one to three weeks.

Training & Data Entry

Now we will walk you through the platform and explain how to use the system most effectively, ensuring that your visitors have the Ultimate Experience. We will also explain in detail how to add your data easily and quickly. Once you are ready to go, final payment is due and your site is ready to “Go Live!”

Delivering on our commitment - Going Live!

Going Live is exciting! Our commitment doesn’t end when you Go Live, we stand ready to assist you and ensure that your experience is complete!