Our Technologies

The HedgeCo Website Creation Content Management System (CMS) is intuitive and easy to use. Through the Admin Quick Links Tab (AQL) you access and manage your content in real time. The Administration Control Panel gives you complete control over all of the content on your site. No technical knowledge is needed to create pages or update content.


  • Add Text, Images and Documents to any page
  • Add new pages. Build multi- level navigation
  • Post management team Bios
  • Organize members by team/group or location
  • Manage your Marketing Materials
  • Track visitors to your site
  • Post monthly Letters and Articles
  • Create a "Members Only" section of the site 
  • Add SEO Content to your site 
  • Publish content in multiple languages 
  • Write and maintan a blog


Administration Control Panel

The Adminstration Control Panel gives you complete control over all of the content on your site. It includes a ready-to-use text editor as well as all of the tools needed to easily manage your marketing materials and investor statements, write a blog, create a member's only section, and add new pages to the site.

Investor Trac Engine

The Investor Trac Engine enables you to track every Investor’s activity on your website.

Website Analytics Engine

Our Website Analytics Engine enables you analyze visitor traffic individually and collectively, to understand what Investors are looking at. During market swings, some investors may be visiting the site more often. You will know who is looking, when and at what! With an up-market, you may be able to Raise Additional Capital with an active looker. With a down-market you have the opportunity to engage active lookers and Retain Capital. Activity provides opportunity!