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Opesbridge Capital LLC identifies undervalued, oversold, overvalued or overbought equity securities, ETFs and equity indices by utilizing fundamental analysis and technical indicators.

What We Did:
Logo Design, Corporate Branding, Stationery Design, PowerPoint Presentation, Website Design, Web Development

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Chionis Capital Management

What We Did:
Logo Design, Stationery Design, PowerPoint Design.


Redemptor Capital

Redemptor Capital, LLC is an SEC-registered alternative investment firm founded in 2012 and based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Liberty Street Capital

Logo Website Stationery


Website Stationery

SKI Capital

Logo Stationery


Logo Website Stationery

Ocean Avenue Capital Advisors, Inc.

Ocean Avenue Capital Advisors, Inc. seeks to provide investors with the opportunity to add Natural Gas Energy exposure to their portfolios for valuable diversification benefits.

HedgeCo Website Creation was contracted by Ocean Avenue Capital Advisors, Inc. to design unique branding that reflected their confidence in natural gas.  The results from this marriage of desire, skill and persistence are a logo that clearly telegraphs purpose, an intuitive website true with concise information and easy navigation with equally informative marketing material and stationery for beneficial, one-on-one meetings.

Logo Website Stationery


Macromoney is a fund manager focused on concentrated investments in securities, futures and options listed on the main exchanges.

HedgeCo Website Creation was contracted by Macromoney to realize an online presence for an International investor base, as well as design custom marketing material, tearsheet, stationery and PowerPoint template.

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