Robert Miller

Senior Solutions Architect

Robert Miller joined HedgeCo Network's website division in mid 2010, bringing his 15+ years of interactive development experience, nearly two decades of business knowledge and his belief in common-sense, fair business practices to the company.  Over the winter of 2012-2013 the website division was sold to Porter Montgomery who was described as a "bottom-line guy", a description Mr. Miller appreciated.  With Mr. Montgomery's fresh take on the Financial Industry's direction and full support, Mr. Miller was able to spin-off the website division and create a distinct identity, HedgeCo Website Creation.  HWC was launched from a strong foundation, having never missed a beat, a solution or a deadline.

During his career, Mr. Miller has consulted on-location for Software powerhouses, traveled the World developing unique ship-side solutions for the cruiseline industry, including overseeing fleet-wide installations, and has created captivating visual exhibits for multi-million dollar litigation suits that consistently delivered desired judgements.  

Mr. Miller's work has been seen online, on DVD's, interactive kiosks, during Saturday morning cartoons, the silver screen and at EPCOT Innoventions in Walt Disney World.  He has also been honored with numerous Webby awards for inventive creativity and practical applications of emerging technologies.