Surej Kalathil

Creative Director

Surej Kalathil joined HedgeCo Networks in 2005. While working for HedgeCo Networks' other companies and divisions - HedgeCo.Net, HedgeCo Websites, HedgeCo Employment, HedgeCo Investments, G & S Services, Hedge Fund Lounge and HedgeCoVest, he broadened his expertise beyond designing logos, websites, and stationary. Once HedgeCo Website Creation became independent, Surej applied his wide range of talents and rebranded and redesigned the HedgeCo Website Creation website along with their marketing materials and stationery. Now, after designing hundreds of hedge fund and alternatives websites, his passion has become an exercise in perfection, translating client desires into visually compelling, functional realities.

Raised in Mumbai by an artist father and encouraging mother, Surej found it easy and fulfilling to translate his thoughts into works of art. Education started at a young age due to Mumbai's rich multi-cultural influences and beautiful geography. Growing up, Surej's father taught him and his brother Sujit how to express their aesthetic visions through artistic media.

In 1990, Surej began working towards his bachelor degree in Art and graduated in 1994 at Mumbai University. By 1996, he received his diploma in commercial arts, the same year he started his career at Quorum Publication, designing three prominent magazines - Car & Bike Magazine, Interior Design Magazine and Fashion Magazine. His responsibilities were to design the entirety of each magazine, from cover design, story boarding and page layouts to selecting perfect images for each page. It was at Quorum Publication that his fascination with typography, illustration and photography was cultivated and where he began to understand the emotional power of graphic design.

Still living in Mumbai, Surej began to explore web design. The year 2000 found him working for V2 Infotech, a web design and development agency, working with global clients and overlooking projects for various Fortune 500 companies. In 2002, he left V2 Infotech and started his own web design company, Smart Designer Consultant, which ultimately led him to move to the United States at the end of 2004.

Recently, and not surprisingly, Surej was awarded the Golden Web Award for excellence attributable to his passion and hard work in the industry. Surej Sundaram Kalathil, "Sunman" by his peers in the art world, has also become a well-known name in West Palm Beach. His unique digital style is the result of his many influences and education through his many years as a digital artist. His art and photography shows have opened around West Palm Beach with great success. His status has risen from hard working digital artist to respected, multi-disciplinary visionary in the art world. Laurence Gartel, Surej's mentor and the "Father" of digital art, continues to support him greatly in his various endeavors, and Surej continues to learn, innovate and create art for the masses.